Data is a crucial component of any business. We all deal with gigabytes or terabytes of data in our day to day work. And when you store a lot of files in your PC, laptop or Mobile Phone it’s most likely that your PC/Laprop/Phone can turn slow, resulting in poor performance. Although there are plenty of external storage solutions to store and backup your data, these storage devices are not failsafe. You can lose your important data due to any mishap such as breakage, theft, damage, and many others.

There is nothing worse than losing your data or the fear of losing it. This is where cloud storage comes with its fascinating features and great capabilities that you can get remotely sitting at the comfort of your home or office sitting at your PC or while outside traveling with your Smartphone or tablet.

Cloud storage is a convenient and reliable option to store and retrieve data. There are many different cloud storage services available in the market. Before going for a cloud service, it’s important to understand what exactly cloud storage is and how it works. So, let’s get started.

What is Cloud Storage?

The cloud storage is a storage space available to store data on remote servers which can be accessed from the cloud (or the internet). The data is managed, maintained and backed up remotely, for which the users generally pay a monthly or per consumption rate.

Cloud storage uses data centers with massive computer servers that physically store the data and make it available online to users via web. Users can remotely upload their content, store them and retrieve the data as and when required. With the introduction of cloud, now you don’t need to purchase servers, external hard drives and memory sticks to carry your data from one place to another.

How Cloud Storage Works?

Cloud storage works simple and easy. In cloud storage, information is stored in data centers located anywhere in the world and maintained by the third party. As the data is on hosted servers, so it is easily accessible through a web interface.

The cloud storage uses a chain of servers that includes both master control server and other storage servers. The servers are all linked with one another and it can be utilized depending upon your use and requirements, and billed accordingly. Cloud storage saves your lot of money otherwise you would have to spend on more strong servers as your business needs increases. But in cloud storage, you only pay for the space occupied by your data in the cloud.

Cloud storage generally supports multiple file types of all sizes, so you can easily upload all your important content such as documents, videos, photos, music, movies and more. Once you sign up for cloud storage service and upload your files, you can sync it with your Smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices for easy access while on the go.

The most fascinating feature of cloud storage solutions is you can upload your files or download them from anywhere across the World even without carrying your laptop. You just need internet access and any mobile device on which you need to download the application of your service provider. Then, simply login to your account and upload or download the files.
Cloud also allows you to share your content with other users or your team members working for your company. You can give them access to remotely edit or read the files shared with them. Your team members can collaborate and work together on a project and edit the documents shared with them. You can invite people to give access to your files and folders and everyone with the access can see the shared documents in their account.

The data stored in cloud storage is secure and protected by a combination of strong password so any unauthorized person cannot access the files shared or uploaded by you. Also, cloud storage has the feature of restore and recovery of data for accidentally deleted files, folders or documents. It gives you the option to restore your data by linking your account with any device like tablet, Smartphone or PC.

Cloud storage is an example of technological advancement that provides us an innovative method to maintain and manage our content. For a nominal monthly fee, anyone can store their data securely on an online location, without worrying about space. It’s easy to upload and download your files with the cloud. Additionally, they are secure, safe and can be accessed by you and anyone whom you authorize. The files can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, using a PC or mobile device.